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PiStorm full set 32GB Card included REV.B Max II

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PiStorm is an adapter designed to connect to the Raspberry Pi 3A +. Placed in the DIP64 (CPU) socket of your Amiga in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi, it can emulate the operation of the 68020/68030/68040 processor. The software running on PiOS greatly extends the functionality of the Amiga - adding FAST memory, RTG (graphics card) and a network card. PiStorm is designed for Amiga computers (A500 / A500 + / A2000), but should work with any 16-bit computer equipped with a 68000 CPU socket (FC adapter lines are not currently used / supported by firmware and cannot be guaranteed to work properly on systems with use them). Overall performance with the current use of "Musashi" as a 68k processor emulator is around 70-80 MHz 68030.

The card sold has only Raspbian system installed, due to copyright, a fully configured system cannot be sold.
PiStorm adapters are assembling automatic on SMT machine.

More information available here: https://github.com/captain-amygdala/pistorm
And on the project author's Discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/j6rPtzxaNW

After purchase, you receive a kit consisting of:

1. Raspberry Pi3A+, 1 pcs
2. SD Card 32GB (Only preinstalled EMU68), 1 pcs
3. PiStorm adapter version for Amiga 500, 1 pcs



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